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Stations of the Cross for Persons with Mental Illness and their Family and Friends

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to share with you our new devotions to The Stations of the Cross. I recently mentioned that this devotion was in process and I asked for your recommendations about what images should be placed in the devotional. Well, the Holy Spirit moved very fast!  Within two weeks of my initial request, a friend of the Guild, the Catholic artist, Dan Paulos has released his work to us. Some of you might remember Dan's work from the 1980s. He has a extraordinary talent for capturing religious images and creating paper cuttings.   I know you will agree!  What a blessing!

These beautiful devotions are completed and now we have to pray and ask God to send us financial support. The set up, print and shipment will reach $1,000. God's providence is already helping us, so I have given the green light for printers to go forward. I know God will support our work - perhaps it could be even a small donation from members.

Check out the images we are using below.

Go to our homepage and download a pdf file of the Stations.

(Don't forget to scroll down on the home page)

Timothy Duff, STM, NACC board certified chaplain
Guardian and Founder of the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre




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