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”MMOMI” Merciful Mother of the Mentally Ill
Spiritual Support Groups for families of those with brain disorders and mental illnesses

We bring a specific model of spiritual care

Pray- Support- Educate- Advocate

  • May No Family Cry Alone Again!
  • We are in solidarity with them!
  • We offer love and compassion!

“Don’t Ask Why?… Ask What?”
by Rev. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.

What does God ask of me in this Situation?  What can I do to overcome this difficulty?   What can I learn from this sorrow? What can I do to help others with similar sorrows? Christ has much to teach us all by the Cross.  The Saints are those who were always willing to learn. The message of St. Benedict Joseph is:  whatever you are or whatever you have, give it to God with all of your heart. 

Spiritual Support Group Goals

Compassion: To show our members that they are loved and remembered in prayer. Every group starts and ends with prayer.

Understanding: We are in Solidarity with our members through the intercession of our patron and “Mmomi” to sanctify all of the suffering and experiences that is brought about by “The Illness of the Human Mind”.

Our Spirituality:  To become people with, “three hearts in one,” a heart of fire for God, a heart of flesh for our neighbor and a heart of bronze for ourself.

Embrace a Missionary Spirit: Bring this model to others.


Coming Soon- Zoom Platform Information

Last Friday's of the month- Starts Friday June 24th 

7pm Eastern Standard Time 

(Length of meeting 45 minutes)

Timothy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: MMOMI Spiritual Support Group
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What is a spiritual support Group?

Our groups are not therapy - Spiritual support groups are different from therapy groups.  Our groups offer the sacred space to share and speak about our relationship with God. We learn from reflecting on our spiritual experiences    in light of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We don’t prescribe a certain diagnosis or treatment plan.  Instead, we encourage a focus on spirituality as a means to find meaning, hope and comfort.  

We invite anyone to attend who is searching for a way to be at peace with God having the experience of a family member with a brain disorder or mental illness.  We are Catholic and ecumenical.

Below is a suggested sample format of a group when held in person

A Sample Agenda

  1. Prayer Time in Church: Reflections on our patron’s life - 15 min.
  2. “Under Her Mantle”: Our monthly bulletin - 5 min.           
  3. Supporting one another: Become people with three hearts - 30 min.
  4. Reflection on Catholic Teaching: Compassion & Understanding - 20 min.
  5. Time of Compassion: Our educational piece - 15 min.
  6. Advocacy: Voice for the voiceless - 5 min.
  7. Question and Answers: 
  8. Close with chaplet prayer:

Total: 1 ½ Hours

Here is a sample of the Monthly Group Bulletin used in the past.

Who Can be a Group Leader

  • The Leaders should have a loved one in their family with mental illness
  • The Leader should have a spiritual director (it could be the local pastor)
  • The Leader has to be in good Christian standing 
  • The Leader must be willing to follow the direction of the Guardian of the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre
  • A Co-leader is recommended but is not mandatory

What to do if you are interested in becoming a group leader

  • The person’s spiritual director/pastor must email Timothy Duff with approval
    • Once contacted by your spiritual director/pastor a password will be given to you so that you will have access to download all of the materials needed to start the MMOMI Group

MMOMI- Official Ministry of the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre

After twenty‑five years of seeing our loved one suffer from mental illness and experiencing the stigma of the disease, we founded the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre a spiritual support. These groups which are the Guild’s ministry is an answer to our prayers.