Posted on April 09, 2019 18:15

Our Weekly Blog Posts have been placed on hold until we complete the annual mailing of our newsletter. I look forward to communicating with you again just as soon as the project is complete. Please pray for us that we receive the funds to print in a timely manner.

Have you seen the 2019 Newsletter?  Click Here to download a digital file to view


2019 Newsletter Role Out:

Costs: It is costing roughtly $100-150- per week to mail out the newsletters.

Send Rate: We are sending roughly about 100 to lay members and 30 to religious members each week.

To date we have sent out over 1,000-  70 cents each to mail plus cost of labels, paper, ink and envelopes get expensive pretty quickly.

It is a little in-efficient for us mail out 100 to 150 per week but we couldn't possibly pay a lump sum to a company to send out them out all at once. 

I personally pray to the Merciful Mother and St. Joseph every night  and wait for the donations to arrive in the post office box. Thus far it has worked but it is a slow process!

I have already had some responses and I want very much to thank all of you have have made this possible.

My prayer is that this mailing brings hope and healing those who need it the most.

Timothy Duff, STM ERD BCC

 Guardian of the Guild of St Benedict Joseph Labre

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