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Hallelujah! The 2022 Newsletter is Here!- The Work Has Begun!


We have all waited two years.  Unfortunately, the local mail house informed me that they could not help me this year. So, the responsibility falls to me and I have started the mail process myself at the dining room table: nearly 2000 thousand pieces of mail to print, fold, stuff and send.

Since we missed our 25th Anniversary (due to personal cirumstances and COVID sickness), I am including our new Novena to St. Benedict Joseph Labre and the Stations of the Cross for Those with Mental Illness in the envelope. This year's stamp cost .83 not to mention the printing. So, it took the two years to save and only with the help of donations from our members and one certain Guild family member in particular. The total cost was close to four thousand dollars. it became possible in God's loving time. He used all of them them as an answer to my prayer to send the funds to complete the project for Easter Season 2022. 

It is a timely process! I am sending out about two hundred pieces a day or more.  We are doing well, as we have already sent out 600 this week. Currently, our mail consists of 700 pieces to religious communities and about 1200 to lay members currently. Once finished, I will add it to the website and send it to the additional  700 people on the Guild email list. So, be checking the Guild website over the next few weeks. BIG CHANGES COMING IN 2022

I am a little informal in the pictures as I start around 4 am before I take my daughters to school and go to work . Below see the my daughters Kylie and Jaelyn helping me on Saturday. They grew up from an early age helping me do the Guild mail every year.. We are the Duff Family Guild Mail House minus one (my late wife Theresa- I know she is watching over us) with my families expertise we will now finish by the time you receive this on Monday, May 2nd....LOL- UPDATE: You can now view the 2022 Newsletter by clicking file named "2022 Edited Master Newsletter" under the title: Related Files (scroll down- just under the pictures)

Love you all!











 Theresa we will always love you.

Pray for us

as we pray for you!

Timothy, Kylie and Jaelyn

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