Posted on February 21, 2024 21:59

Bishop Robert Barron Addresses the Mental Health Crisis

Video on You Tube- Go to our Homepage Scroll Down to see video 

Today, I received an email from one of our members sharing a Youtube video  with Bishop Robert Barron from Word of Fire  addressing the current mental health crisis in our country. I posted the video on our home page.

Here are some of the talking points: 

  • The bishop links social media leading to damaged mental health coming from research. He mentions "a tight coorelation between screen time and depression". The Bishop says that getting lost in the virtual world and not connecting with each other as another reason. (turning into oneself) is another uptick for depression.
  • The loss of real social connections causes us to lose happiness and also hightens depression
  • Brutality of the social media- attacking each other and being fludded with negativity is another reason.
  • social media sometimes make us up as beautiful, successful and happy and the person watching can cause to implode and ask why can't I be that way?
  • Through social media people are becoming more isolated and lose community. The Bishop says we are meant for love and moving out of ourselves and social media does the opposite.
  • Social anxiety- (highschoolers in particular)- become disaconnected from others. Suddenly with real-life interaction people become afraid and are not able to connect.
  • How can the Church help? The Church should formalize spirituality and mental health- deep issues of the soul
  • Culture moving away from religion increases depression
  • Cites St Dymphna as an example
  • Address Mental health: Whats Christ has to say: "Come to me all you who are burdened"..
  • Jesus as a healer- ultimate source- abandonment to God and his plan for us

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