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Hearing all of the latest news about our beloved Catholic Church

  Join the Guild 1,000 Rosary Crusade for Priests

  I feel compelled to ask people to pray the Rosary for our priests. The majority of       these men have heard their vocation and have dedicated their lives to the service of   God's people.  We MUST support them. Do not lose hope but be strong.

  I will be printing 1,000 rosary pamphlets with Sr. Isidora's meditation naming a specific reflection on mental illness for each decade of every Mystery of the Rosary. Please join in with me in praying for our Priests. Send in your request today. You can view the meditations on our website page: Click here    More is to come - Stay Tuned

Over the past few weeks or so the Sunday gospel mass readings were about Jesus' Bread of Life Discourse. Toward the last week of these reflections, we read from the Gospel of John chapter 6 that after Our Lord said: "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life" ..." many of his disciples left him and returned to their former way of life." Jn 6:66.

Our Lords asks the twelve Apostles if they are going to leave too.  Peter says: "Lord, to whom shall we go, You have the words of eternal life. For we have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God."Jn 6:69

When we hear the things in the media, it is very difficult and even inherently evil. But nevertheless, our faith should not depend on a particular priest, bishop, etc. Hold on to the truths of our Catholic Faith and to what your heart tells you.

Read the following poetry that one of our members wrote and sent to me recently called "Without Priests"


Without Priests

Without our Catholic Priests, where would we be

For it is only through their Sacred Hands 

That the Eucharistic Presence can be


Certainly, there have been an isolated few sexual deviants

Whose heavy publicity has made it difficult for the many

So the worthy Priests must suffer for the guilt of a few


The whole Catholic Church suffers

For what Satan would contrive

So that the Catholic Church might not survive


Sins can be forgiven in different ways

However, to hear the Priestly Absolution makes the forgiveness seem true


When Priests we've grown to trust

Are transferred to new Assignments

And strangers come to guide us

We might seem bewildered

Are the Priests we receive true to the guidance of the Holy Pontiff


History clearly shows even some of our Pontiffs have been a cause for alarm

As have some of the Presidential Leaders with grandiose dreams and schemes


Everyone's Unique 

Everyone's different

Consequently, I cling close to those I feel trustworthy


Years ago there were the Crusades

Might they not return in subtler ways


Let's remain in prayerful supplication

For Our Holy Pontiff, our Priests and for a Church that can be seen

For a Church that can be outspoken

For a Church that need not go underground

Where would we be 


Without Catholic Priests


written by

Richard Dillon

A militia of the Immaculata

Member of the Guild of St Benedict Joseph Labre

August 24th, 2018






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