About Us

Our Guild is a Catholic organization that exists solely to support spiritually those suffering from brain disorders and mental illness and their families and friends.

St. Pope John Paul calls it the “Illness of the human mind”.  We invite to read out web pages and find out more of what he said.

What We Do-  Truly a prayer network

“Prayer- ers”

Many Catholic and Christian religious communities joined in being spiritual support by praying for our members.

Our members have yearly Masses offered for us.

Some of our members dedicate 40 hours of prayer each year in Catholic Eucharistic Adoration for our intentions

A Message from our Spiritual director
the late Rev. Benedict J.Groeschel said:

We like to think we pray for people when we just say a little prayer for them or we include them in our general intercessions.

Seriously, praying for someone takes time and perseverance. Remember the parable of the neighbor who banged on the door at night until it was answered.

People with psychological challenges are often pray-ers. We learn this from St. Benedict Joseph Labre. He sometimes prayed all day and as far as we know, he never ended up in the hospital. Let’s pray for each other- like we really meant it. “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.” This is the advice of Our Blessed Savior Himself.


How We Offer Support- MMOMI Prayer Support Groups on Zoom

We Share hearts of compassion
May no family member cry- alone again

We will NOT forget you or your loved one.

We are in solidarity with those who suffer

We come together to fins hope and healing.

We Educate and Support

Through our support groups and our online resources, we help families and others understand the dynamics of mental illness and its impact on society.

Read about our prayer support groups called MMOMI named after the Merciful Mother of the Mentally Ill

We offer leadership and advocacy

Bringing order in the midst of chaos.

The Guild encourages a structural model of living for families who have a loved one with mental illness.

Resources are listed that help our families in dealing with people with brain disorders and mental illness.

We raise awareness of the dignity of those with mental illness; we spread the understanding that these are people with a brain disorder and not a stigmatized label.