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St. Mother Teresa's letter to our Guild 


Our Mission:

We offer a special spiritual care ministry for those who suffer from the “Illness of the Human Mind”… St. Pope John Paul II

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MMOMI Chaplet

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Click Link: Stations of the Cross for Persons with Mental Illness and their Family and Friends Sample Stations of the Cross pdf

Spiritual Support for Those Who Suffer with Brain Disorders and Mental Illnesses






The Benedict Joseph Controversy

WARNING- WARNING- This New YouTube Video on Benedict Joseph Labre-Needs Correction-

Our Patron Did Suffer from Mental Illness- Click Here to See my blog's explanation 

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“Mental Illness is Represented by Jesus’ Crown of Thorns”


St. Mother Theresa to Fr. Benedict Groeschel


"Whoever suffers from mental illness 'always' bears God's image and likeness in himself, as does every human being." St. Pope John PauI II       


Stations of the Cross for Persons with Mental Illness and their Family and Friends Sample Stations of the Cross pdf Hello Everyone, I am very excited to share with you our new devotions to The Stations of the Cross. I recently mentioned that this devotion was in process and...

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Our Lord's Crown of Thorns & Mental Illness
Jesus speaks to the depressed and to the bereaved. by Timothy Duff, STM, MA CHL Cert. edited by Theresa Duff "Mental Illness is represented by Jesus' Crown of Thorns"-  St. Teresa of Calcutta As Catholics, we honor the days between Palm Sunday and Easter, our Holy We...

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Mary and The Way of the Cross
Recommendation to Reflect upon Mary's Life and Heartfelt Sorrows  Timothy Duff, STM, MA Cert. RCHL One of my favorite things to do during Lent is to meditate on the Stations Of The Cross. When I grew up we would go to our Church on Friday's during the Lenton season ...

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Sr. Isidora's Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary
Opening Prayer: Lord, may all of the graces and benefits of this Rosary fall upon those with Mental Illness, Psychiatric Disturbance, Behavorial or Learning Disabilities, and those who love and care for them. Grant them peace, health of mind, heart and soul according...

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