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Online Livestream Eucharistic Adoration

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24/7 Live Perpetual Adoration on Adorecast: Hosted by Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Birmingham, AL.  

A short ad may appear -just click "skip ad" to being adoration. Drag your mouse to the lower right corner of video and click the box to make it appear as full screen.

Personal witness to Eucharistic Adoration

Many of our members are not able to go to Church so this may be an instrument of Grace for them. Virtual Adoration is NOT a substitute for Eucharistic Adoration and we encourage you to go to Eucharistic when possible. To find Adoration near you, click here to go to

Prayer Suggestions

  • Pray Our Chaplet of St Benedict Joseph in Adoration
  • Sign Up as one of our 40 Hour Adorers
  • Pray for our members

Email us your prayer intentions -

(These will be kept private)

“When you find yourself worried
And your mind cannot find rest,
Just write down your prayers
And let God do the rest”

The Catholic Practice of the Votive Candle is also another way to offer prayers to God

(These are public and anyone who visits the site can see them)

Brisbane Catholic Education, Australia has a beautiful website where you can light a candle and leave posted prayer intentions

  Click Image to Light a E-Votive Candle