Professional Support

 “Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do."
(Matt 9:12)

What makes good medicine?

From the beginning, the Guild of St Benedict Joseph Labre has always advocated for “good medicine”.  Many good psychiatrists have been helpful to our family in one way or the other. Our Catholic Faith is very important when considering which doctor should be consulted. Dr. Carlos Solis has been both a friend and a health advocate for us for close to 20 years. The picture is Dr. Carlos presenting at one of our first 40 hour Devotions we held at St. Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine in Boston, MA many years ago.

He wrote the following article which is also listed on our blog page:

The Importance of the Roman Catholic Faith in Treatment of Disorders of the Mind.

A good Doctor helps his patients live better lives, not simply by treating diseases, but also by speaking to them as fellow human beings. The doctor therefore should have a clearer understanding of who it is he is actually treating. In other words, a Roman Catholic knowledge of the "human person" is critical in diagnosing and treating the whole " patient". It was the Church that unequivocally stated that a "human being" is a "person" with two natures composed of one body and one soul. For most of us this is not a surprise, but unfortunately for many who treat disorders of the mind they do not believe in God and specifically Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, to them man is merely an animal. A smart one but an animal ,nonetheless. 

On the contrary, the Catholic has many "healing balms" provided through the Church to help alleviate mental suffering, " For my yoke is sweet and my burden light"(Mat.11:30) says the Lord. God has provided us with the Sacraments and instructions on how to live good lives , the Ten Commandments, so we can be open to the healing graces He sends us. These graces are supernatural. Sometimes we see their effects on our lives immediately but most of the time we do not. Lamentably, it is not until we have separated ourselves from proper reception of the Sacraments that we understand how much they had been helping us before we despaired and lost confidence in their efficacy. Catholic patients should always be asked if they go to confession and if not , why not? Once a patient goes and unburdens their soul and conscience of their sins to a priest who is acting "in persona Christi", they are ready to receive the The Most Blessed Sacrament in Mass. The Holy Trinity wishes to come to us and live within us. You cannot separate the Triune God. So, if you consume "the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity" of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, then you have All of God within you, comforting and consoling you. This makes the "burden light".

In these days in which the vices of pornography, drugs and gambling are called "rights" and are often promoted by states for revenue it has become very difficult to live a life that is holy in the sight of God (1 Peter 3:4). Thus making it more difficult to be at ease with ones own conscience which leads to anxiety, depression, high risk behaviors and often times despair. The yoke is now a trap and the burden of sin becomes extremely heavy. The Catholic Doctor will recognize this immediately and promote "the Virtues" (faith, hope, charity, patience, fortitude, justice, prudence) to combat the poison brought on by "the Vices". By practicing virtue and keeping God's Commandments we keep our hearts and souls clean and ready to receive God's grace.
We should all imitate St. Benedict Joseph Labre in his constant effort to honor and pray to the Holy Mother of God and Comforter of the Afflicted (Consolatrix Afflictorum), the Virgen Mary. If you are able please pray the Rosary. If not pray just one decade a day and build up. Tell Our Lady what your needs are and send you the graces so you do not despair. Also, regardless if your doctor or therapist is Catholic or not please pray for them you may convert them with your prayers! St. Benedict Joseph withstood many afflictions and humiliations during his pilgrimage on earth through the graces bestowed upon him by Our Queen of Heaven and Earth so we should seek her help as well. In 2017, the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, and beyond, we should make a concerted effort to become closer to Our King Jesus Christ by loving Him with His Mother's Immaculate Heart. The Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre will continue to pray that you find a good Doctor and therapist, as well as finding Jesus's sweet yoke.

Carlos Solis, MD