Annual Newsletter: The Holy Wayfarer

Many of our members do not have computers – We are compelled then to publish newsletters every so often to keep them up on current events.  It usually costs us a lot of monies to print and mail them so we can only print every so often when the funds are available. WILL YOU HELP US?

Our first newsletter came out in 2008 and we now try to plan for one yearly.

We use the Newsletter to share the updates about our Apostolate and to also share about the life of our patron St. Benedict Joseph Labre. 


with our 2018 Newsletter- Click Here or Below

We need help placing our brochures in parishes, nursing homes, hospitals or wherever appropriate.

Now that mailing costs have risen and the cost of printing as well, for the first time in the Guild's history I mention a suggested donation of $25- to receive our brochures.

2018 Newsletter Highlights

  • Request Brochures
  • Clip's of Tim's reflection on the LIfe of St. Benedict Joseph Labre
  • The Story of Sr. Isidora
  • Sr. Isidora's Rosary Meditations
  • Chaplet of St Benedict Joseph Labre