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2019 Newsletter is Now Completed- What's Next?

First, I very much want to thank all of you who have supported us to make this Apostolate possible. We (Timothy, Theresa and our two daughters Jaelyn and Kylie) started in February mailing out our yearly newsletter. We finished this week a little head of schedule. Two thousand and two hundred newsletters were sent in all. A big task from our small kitchen table.

Inserted into the newsletter was Sr. Isidora's Rosary relfection which has been a big hit. We had to do three extra priintings as many requests for them came at our mailbox. To date, we mailied out six thousand of them.

Please continue to remember us throughout the year with your donations and prayers.

New things for the future are ready to print and we are praying and waiting to receive the funds:

  • We have a novena to St Benedict Joseph Labre ready to print
  • We have a Litany to the Merciful Mother of the Mentailly Ill (MMOMI)
  • A Way of the cross for those with mental illness
  • All of the above have been completed by Sr Isidora with Timothy's input.

Reflections on the Life of St Benedict Joseph Labre 

Timothy plans to continue the relfections on the life of St Benedict Joseph Labre this Fall 2019.

Open to your suggestions on how we can improve

Please send us your suggestions on how we can support you or tell us what you would like to see on our website going forward.

God Bless!

The Duff Family

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