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Person's Suffering from Mental Illness Belong to Body of Christ- Part 1 06/11/19- Part 1: The Outline

I have been doing some personal reflection lately and I wanted to share some considerations.  The following article is my reflections of a paper which was produced back in 2011 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The full article via pdf file may be downloaded by clicking here. 

My intentions are to use the outline of the document as a foundation and then expound on some of the teaching and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and how they also relate these points and questions.

I would really appreciate your help, suggestions and comments.

Please email me: guildbjlabre@gmail,com

First, here is a brief outline of the topics:



Article Title: The Body of Christ and Mental Illness

  • What is mental illness?
  • Why Address Mental Illness Now?
  • Hopes for this Message
  • Challenges:
  • Challenges to human dignity
  • Challenges of treatment and Acces to it
  • Challenges of Inequality
  • Challenges of Everyday Life
  • Challenges to the Healthcare System
  • What People with Mental Illness Need
  • What Does the Church Say?
  • This Church's Confession
  • The Question of Sin
  • The Call to Companionship
  • What Does This Church Do?
  • Being the Body of Christ
  • This Church's Healthcare
  • Clergy Preparation
  • Public Voice
  • Conclusion: Countering Dis-Grace and Isolation


by Timothy Duff, STM, MA Cert. RCHL, ERD, BCC                                                                                         Co Founder and Guardian of the Guild of St Benedict Joseph Labre





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