Perpetual Enrollment established for our Guild members

Our Spiritual Support are consecrated religious Catholics whose whole lives are dedicated to the love of God and neighbor. They model this by their vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience which are also known as the Evangelical Councils.  Essentially, they are apostles for Christ, filled with a passion for the good of souls and the glory of God. Their mission is prayer and they are remembering you and your loved ones in their work of God every day of their lives. They are both male and female religious from the different communities abroad and have sent the Guild their enrollment. For information on the consecrated Catholic religious life refer to  St. Pope John Paul’s document Vita Consecrata.

Perpetual Enrollment is for anyone regardless of his or her faith. By joining as a member of the Guild you share from these spiritual benefits.

It is a truly wonderful, compassionate, and generous way to express an enduring prayerful remembrance for you, your family and loved ones. What is essential is that the Masses and prayers that are being offered to God by our religious who have joined in the salvific efforts of the Lord Jesus Christ and offer all they have and do for the Glory of God.

This is all done on your behalf.

Click on the Community names below to see some of the perpetual enrollments- Some of these enrollments have been in place the beginning of the Guild in 1996.

Get Involved by writing to your local religious community telling them about the Guild and asking them to pray fervently. If possible, ask for a yearly Mass to be offered for the members of the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre. Inquire if they have a perpetual enrollment and ask them to enroll the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre.  Please give them our mailing address: P.O. Box 1401, Elizabeth City, NC 27909