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Watch, Listen and Pray- St Benedict Joseph Labre

Hello Everyone,

Below is a story that is a bit off-color from what I usually write. However, if you have been reading my blogs for the past month or so, it is clear that I have been leading up to this current blog for today. I do believe this was the spirit leading me.

You see, I have been reflecting on some of the private revelations regarding Mary and her warnings to us. Namely, her apparitions at Fatima, Akita Japan, and others. Seeing the state of immorality that seems to be swallowing up the world and the Church, I have asked myself what is coming?  Is God about to step in? I know that all we can do is to watch, listen and pray heavily, like St. Benedict Joseph Labre did in his time.  Did I ever tell you that before he died, our patron was granted a vision of the French Revolution which was about to overtake his country shortly after his death? (read my previous blog from November 28th)

Lately, I have received emails and other notices about a Catholic priest in Canada who recently started a new fraternity in the name of our patron St. Benedict Joseph Labre. His name is Father Michel Rodrigue from a small town in Quebec Canada.  As you will read below, Father has a reputation for holiness by his followers. He was a parish priest who was called to a different mission now by Divine Providence. He claims that his rule of life for the community (formerly known as Religious Constitutions) was dictated to him.  And, they have since been approved by his local Bishop, so this is an accepted organization by the local Catholic Church. 

I, myself, have never met this priest or have had any contact with him.  He has been involved with the Charismatic Renewal for more than a few years. I have always been hesitant to get involved with the Charismatic Movement due to the fact I have been so closely connected with mental illness within my family and with supporting those with the disease. However, Father Michael has such an urgent message to share about what he says God related to him. Click here to refer back to my blog regarding private revelation on Divine and Private Revelation posted last month. 

He does speak of some possible events to come that can be seen frightening to some but he calls it a coming of the Holy Spirit.   Do you know him?  This is one of the clearest and thorough predictions about The Warning/Tribulations/3 days of Darkness, etc.that I've read - although I have more questions. 

The following is taken from a flyer I found on the internet announcing Father Michel's retreat/ mission at a parish last year.  Also,  there is a video on youtube of him telling his story. It is about 45 minutes long.

Click here to view video


Excerpt about Father Michel

Father Michel Rodrigue was born near the city of Rimouski in the province of Quebec and is the 23rd child of a family of 23 children. He grew up on the family farm and felt a calling to the priesthood as early as the age of three. After that call, our Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother would sometimes personally assist and guide Father Michel during key moments of his life through inner locutions.
He attended the Grand Seminary of Quebec after high school, but was only ordained at the age of 30 after having founded and managed a shelter that offered psychological and spiritual help to the youth living on the streets. After having been a parish priest for five years, in northern Ontario, His bishop discerned that Father Michel’s talents would be put to better use if he became a Sulpician priest and taught. Hence, Father Michel set off for the Grand Seminary of Montreal and taught theology to seminarians for the next fifteen years. He also taught at the Grand Seminary of Edmonton in Alberta.
Over the course of his life, the Lord led Father Michel to acquire a vast experience in many areas. Not only is he very knowledgeable in the field of management of psychology and of theology especially spiritual theology, but he also has been very involved in the Charismatic Renewal ever since its beginnings. With the gift of Healing and Deliverance that the Holy Spirit bestowed on him, he has been asked to preach at many charismatic retreats and at Catholic events of all kinds. Unbeknownst to him, this was Divine Providence preparing him for his final mission for the church. During the night of Christmas Eve 2009, God the Father himself asked Father Michel to be the founder of a new religious fraternity, the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. Father is now the Superior General of this fraternity which is established in the Diocese of Amos, Quebec, 400 miles north west of Montreal.

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