Posted on June 09, 2019 03:10

2019 Summer Brochure Campaign -

Will you become a Missionary for MMOMI? 

The Merciful Mother of the Mentally Ill

Last year we redesigned our brochure to fit our website.  Would you be willing to go out and place our brochures in Parishes, Hospitals, Retreat Centers, Catholic Stores and other places in your area?

Our numbers are decreasing because we are not getting the word out there. We can not do this alone. Our Merciful Mother desparately needs you to support her children.

Please send a small donation to cover the cost and request some today. I know Mary will bless you exceedingly for your generousity.

Order them today:

Send us your request to

Guild of

St Benedict Joseph Labre

P.O. Box 422

Maynard, MA  01754


You may print them yourself as long as it is a quality looking print.

Please emails us and let us know how many and where they will be placed.

Click Here to download our Brochure




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