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Good Morning Everyone, 

Much has happened this month around the world regarding our Catholic Faith.  I can't help but feel compelled to begin to share some of my thoughts on St Benedict Joseph Labre and his potential role in the future of the Church. In order for me to begin this type of discussion, I must first speak of what is called the Deposit of Faith. Divine Revelation as understood in three ways: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Holy Magisterium. This is the means by which the Catholic Faith has traditionally been understood for 2,000 years. Today, there is some confusion around all of this. I feel that, as the leader of this organization, I must explain things I was taught as truth. Honestly, this is partly why I have been "laying low" and why you have not heard from me. To watch, wait, listen and pray of course is a good thing sometimes.

Why have this conversation? Well, simply put, there have been certain private revelations that speak about possible coming events that I believe could happen on our patron's feast day at some point in the future. I have even been told by certain people through my years of working with the Guild "to ready myself" for these events will place St Benedict Joseph Labre "on the map" sort of speak. Well, that is neither here nor there, but my heart tells me to at least share my faith and move only a little bit in this direction with you. 

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Before I do, I want us to be clear about what the Church has to say about such things. I suggest that you click the following link and read the article on the Catholic Straight Answers Website: What is the difference between public and private revelation? Do Catholics have to believe the apparitions of the Blessed Mother?  

I will leave our discussion right here for now with a plan to write much more.  These are times that we must Pray Heavily the Holy Spirit to guide our Catholic Church and also for our country. Can I ask you to please do that?

God's Love to you all and my St Benedict Joseph Labre intercede for you.

Timothy Duff

Below is a basic outline of the article cited above. 

P1- Divine Revelation defined and quotes St. Paul

P2- Uses Dei Verbum (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation of the Vatican Council II ) for a further explanation

P3- Explains Sacred Scripture (SS) and Sacred Tradition (ST)- More quotes from Dei Verbum.

P4- Magesterium as the guide for bringing forth an understanding of SS and ST.

P5- Now turns to Private Revelation (PV) and its distinction

P6-PV is separate from Divine Revelation and does NOT include the Deposit of Faith

P7-Example of the Fatima Apparition as an example of PV

P8-Example of the Sacred Heart apparition as backing SS

P9-11 -Recap of his points (1.PV separate from Deposit of Faith. 2. Magisterium examines all PV  3. The approval process

P10- encourages reading the Catholic Catechism to better understand these points






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