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Continuation of the Life of St Benedict Joseph Labre in the 2020 Newsletter

Throughout last year, I offered reflections on the life of our patron, St. Benedict Joseph Labre. They are posted on our website. (click here)  Again, as I continue to pray and discern where the spirit is leading me in writing the 2020 newsletter, I am conflicted with asking what does the Guild need or in what way am I being led: Do I continue to focus on our patron or do I want to speak about the problems and needs around the ministry to those with the diseases of the human mind. I feel that this year's newsletter will touch on both ideas including some special events that could single out this year in particular. I find it interesting that next year in 2021 will be our 25th anniversary.

I have asked previously in my earlier blog, what would you, the reader, want to hear this year?  Sadly, I have not received much response and so again, I'll go alone in prayer and see what happens. To quote mother Angelica, "Please place us between your phone and electric bill". The Guild needs your help.

I originally planned this week to continue to publish my reflections on the life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre but I missed the Monday deadline. You will have to wait until next week.

So, stay attuned or sign up for our weekly E-newsletter (see bottom of this website) to receive the ongoing reflections from the book: The Life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre by his confessor, reverend Giuseppe Marconi 1784 (Italian), The book was translated into English by Mr. James Barnard in 1785. I obtained the book through a dear Guild member who transcribed it in Italy and sent it over to me.

Peace and Love to you all!

Tim Duff

Guardian/ Co Founder








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