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2020 Newsletter Appeal- Please Help us

Many of you who have enjoyed our newsletters over the past few years have offered positive feedback and support. Together we can make 2020 a special year for those who suffer from the illness of the human mind.

Many of you also help us kick it off.  May I ask that again, as we have two very special items I'd like to include with the newsletter. But we need your financial help to make it a reality.

Sr Isidora and I have created both a Stations of Cross meditation for those with mental illness and the long-awaited Novena to St Benedict Joseph Labre.  Many requests have come for these two items.

We have two thousand people on our mailing list and our internet subscribers are now up to 600 people. We do not fund-raise other than this request. Mailing them out is quite a task and it is done right from our kitchen table.

What we do is- we pray and wait for the funds to come. It has always been this way in the 24 years of our existence. God and his Beloved have always provided for our needs.  So will you please help us?


I try to make my publish date Ash Wednesday of the new year.

Items request from you.

What would you like to see in the newsletter this year?

Please send me feedback and let me know: 

ALL donations must be mailed to us.

Timothy Duff- Guardian

Guild of St Benedict Joseph Labre

P.O.Box 422, Maynard, MA 01754

May God Bless you for your generosity.



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