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The Catholic Priest Scandal: An American Marytr in Our Midst! A Personal Witness of a Man who Defended the Truth- Fr. Alfred Kunz.

These questions have been on my mind and heart for a few weeks now.  This is so close to my mind and heart that it has taken a while for me to respond. It is not without its hardship and tearful moments for me personally. My explanation may shock you and it will have to be in more than one segment.

You see, for almost two years before I began my own ministry journey, I lived with a priest named Fr. Afred Kunz . Yes! He was a Traditional priest who tried all he could to preserve the Latin Liturgy and teachings of the Church. In particular, he openly preached against homosexuality and upheld the moral teachings of the Church from the womb to the tomb including Catholic sexual morality. He was a support to many priests and also to Pope Benedict when he was a Cardinal: Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger.

I am a personal witness and will tell you that He was a holy man who spent a few hours or more each morning in the confessional and said three rosaries a day. Those of us who had the gift of being with him and were friends knew he must have had enemies and that he was a saintly man. We always wanted to tape his homilies because some of us thought he would be martyred but we pushed it aside. Who of us wants to believe someone we know and love would die for their beliefs and practices.  Well, it came true!

Sadly, after his death, there were a few people that publically said things to disparage his character. Those who knew him as a saintly man kept quiet. But, like I said, those of us who knew Fr Al, loved him and knew the sacred ground upon which he stood with us all. Shortly after Father Al's funeral, his good friend Fr. Charles Fiore told me: "Those of us who knew Fr Kunz knew the type of person he was and know the truth".

I have to be careful what I say here but I will tell you this. Fr. Kunz knew about the priest scandal many years before the first one broke in Boston and he was doing something about in his own way. You now know the result!

I will say this too. He said to me one of our last conversations: "Tim, you will live to see the total collapse of the diocesan priesthood". I knew it was about a scandal but I did not know the particulars. This being said: Then the scandal is just getting started.

I have always wanted to tell this story but it seems now God has made it possible to do so.  

The Catholic World Report has just completed a three-part series on the circumstances and investigations around his death. I have enclosed the three links after this article.  

Part One: click here

Part Two: click here

Part Three: click here

Sadly, he was murdered for being a staunch defender of Catholic sexual morality. He told me personally over twenty years ago about the things you are now hearing and there are other things that I am just not going to speak about. 

In part three my mother is sharing about my dad Jack who we believe was converted as a result of the prayers of this holy man.

I encourage All of you to pray to Father Kunz for our Catholic Church and her priests!

His inspiration has changed my life and consequently, As a result- our ministry is present for all of you!




"Requiescat in pace" (Rest in Peace) my dear dear friend!  Pray for us all! 

Towards Hope and Healing!

If any of you are struggling or remain wounded as a result of the priest's scandal.

Dr. Gergory Popcak has written an article that offers Hope and Healing.  

It will be in my next Blog.

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