Posted on April 12, 2020 19:33

Blessed Easter- Our 2020 Newsletter is being prepared to Mail.

Hello Everyone,

How was everyone's Easter Holiday? We made it special as possible by having some home made liturgy ideas and viewing live stream Masses. Also, not to mention praying the new novena to St. Benedict Joseph Labre by Sister Isidora.  They are not in print yet,   but I am sure St Benedioct Joseph Labre will intercede to get it done.

The picture on the right,  is from the Duff house living room with the new newsletters for 2020 on the coffee table. We chose a random 50 members and sent the first ones out on Good Friday: 300 hundred followed on Holy Saturday.  We plan on sending a couple hundred per week untll we get the 2500 or so out. We call our work the "Kitchen Table Apostolate." Will you help us?

With the high-cost of mail, paper and ink products we are projecting the each newsletter costs $1.70 to print and ship. We must wait for donations to come in each week, which sems slow but it allows us to send out more.  Last year, it took four months to complete and this year will probably not be that much different.

New Items for 2020 there will be available, two new devotionals by our very own Sr Isidora. We will print a long awaited Novena to St Benedict Joseph Labre and a Stations of the Cross for those with mental illness, Another thing I am planning, is to set up Zoom prayer meetings for 2020. My ideal dream would also be to offer video presentations on our saint but I am not sure how to go about that and if it will work out.. Your input could be very valuable to us, If any of you are interested in getting involved let me know.

Go to our home page and Download our 2020 Newsletter  Cick Here

 We apologize, but we are not able to accept donations online. You may donate by placing it in the mail to us at:

Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre

P.O. Box 422

Maynard, MA 01754

I offer this prayer for our Guild members and and their families:

Eternal Father,  Your Mercifual Heart for humanity moved Jesus to offer his life for us. Allow us those graces which we so desparately need in this current time. We ask Mary the Merciful Mother to cover us with her vail to shield us from any illness of the body, mind or spirit. And through the intercession of St. Benedict Joseph Labre  may we all be drawn deeper into the reality of the Trinitarian God-Head so we may obtain three hearts in one as St. Benedict Joseph Labre practiced: A heart of fire for God, A heart of flesh for our neighbor, and a heart of bronze for ourselves. AMEN!

God Bless!

Tim Duff

Guardian and Co Founder






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