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Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry you haven't heard from me.  I am sometimes not the best at keeping you all updated and I ask for your forgiveness in this area. Please know there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of you and holding you in my heart up to God.

Lately, It seems that whenever I try to start something these days, many challenges are presented. As I was trying to reestablish the Guild with prayers and support groups, my personal life was suddenly disrupted. I came back from visitng my family in Virginia and was laid off for the second time in three years. This, in conjunction witth my struggles to maintain my health, has caused me to seek council and discernment.

It seems God is calling me to "re-set" my life sort of speak. My daughters and I will be moving to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. (The Northeastern part of the state near the Virginia border) at the end of this month.

It has always has been my dream to have either a chapel or studio specifically for the Guild ministry. The home to which we are relocating will offer this opportunity. It will take time to get this all set up though.  I would be grateful for any help or assistance anyone in that area could provide. The house has a second garage that I want to convert over complertely for the ministry. Until I get to that point, I will again set up a temporary office in my home and will again attempt to re-run my novena and support groups from there. Realistically, it will be probably October by the time I get back to offering the Novenas and Support Groups. Look for the e newsletter to contain more details.

Life is full of challenges and we seem to be tested at times. However, I remember my mother Mildred saying: "Remember Timothy, God always wants to perform miracles"

It doesnt look like much now but I will keep you updated on the progress soon.

Please join me in prayer for a smooth and safe  transition for the Duff family.

God's love to you All!





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