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Our Guild's Spiritual Advocacy- Embrace those with Mental Illness- No Euthanasia!


When I left the seminary in the early nineties, I spent almost an entire year writing hundreds of letters to religious communites asking to join me in Spiritual Advocacy praying for those with mental illness and advocating for them before God. My mother and I founded the Guild that next year with hundreds of spiritual support from the religious who responded and promised to pray with us.

It is "...everyone's duty" Saint Pope John Paul II

In the United States and around the world, a vast amount of people suffer from mental and emotional illnesses. Others are affected by it whether through family or friends.  Saint Pope John Paul II gave our Guild his apostolic blessing in 1997, just one year after we were founded.  His understanding and great compassion toward these persons inspires us to support our members.  He has named the suffering of mental and emotional conditions, "The Illness of the Human Mind."

"Love Thy Neighbor"...

Persons who suffer from mental illness need the same spiritual comfort and support as their brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is integral to our human nature - to nourish our soul and connect with the God who loves us and will not abandon us in our hour of need.  

How then do we embrace these people of God?  How then do we show an act of mercy?  While our faith community might lack spiritual support sometimes, we must remember to see the face of Christ; we must remember what Saint Pope John Paul tells us, "it is everyone's duty to make an active response."  We remember, too, the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta:  "It is not enough for us to say: 'I love God', but I also have to love my neighbor.

See the Face of Christ...

Those who wish to support those with mental and emotional illnesses must 'stand in and stand up' as a true friend.  We must see Christ in their faces not worrying what it might cost us. This is how we face the culture of death and smash the attitudes of Euthanasia.

Do Not Feel Helpless!

What to do?  First and foremost: offer prayers for their intentions and spiritual sacrifices for their healing.  OFFER THEM A COMPASSIONATE AND UNDERSTANDING HEART.  This is what our Apostolate represents.  Read our website and see the words Spiritual Support. This is precisely what is needed.

We invite you to take our website pilgrimage and peruse the pages with our patron saint, St. Benedict Joseph Labre! Let him tell you about some of God's most precious and unique sons and daughters: those who suffer from "The Illness of the Human Mind".

Pray Warriers

We need You to be with us. Please join us on Sunday's at 7 PM on Zoom. If not. at least download the chaplet from the home page and pray with us on your own

God's Love to you All!

Timothy Duff

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