Directory of Ministries

Be A Voice for the Voiceless: We have close to 4000 members on our mailing list. Many of them do not have computers and cannot support the Guild.

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Our Special Way of Offering Support

Spiritual Support Group Goals

Compassion: To show our members that they are loved.

Understanding: We are in Solidarity with our members.

Our Spirituality: We encourage a way of life by the example of St Benedict Joseph Labre


I started the groups at St. Margaret’s in Buzzards Bay, MA which was my local parish at the time. They are no longer held there. And we had groups that ran for a while in different cities throughout the country but after ten years most have stopped and we have decided to start all over again with a new mission. Would you like to help us further this cause?

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Identity and Purpose

Our groups are NOT therapy or self-help focused.  We are: brothers and sisters in Christ who support one another and share a spirituality. We gain the knowledge of coping skills by being together and by reflecting upon what the Church and others have to teach us regarding the illness of the human mind.

These unique groups offer spiritual support in a way that offers hope, healing and comfort. The groups are organized as a sacred space to allow for prayer, sharing, education and spiritual advocacy. 

Education and Reflection

We reflect upon the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II’s when he was present at the 11th Conference sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Assistance to Healthcare Worker named: “In the image of God Always, Illness of the Human Mind”

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We have certain requirements for our group leaders: we encourage our leaders to have their pastor's approval. 

Please refer to our Group Leader page for more information

Where are they held

 As we grow- We will post  our meeting places and times here.