Directory of Ministries

Be A Voice for the Voiceless: We have close to 4000 members on our mailing list. Many of them do not have computers and cannot support the Guild.

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Help us Request Catholic Masses

The Power of the Mass if for you!  It is the sacrifice of sacrifices, because it is the sacrifice of God for US.  There is NO better activity that anyone in the entire world can do than attend a Mass in the state of grace, and receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Like the Blessed Virgin Mary, we become living tabernacles of God.

What better way to bring healing and consolation to those who suffer. Especially for the families who see a loved one suffer and sometimes feel helpless to easy their pain. The Mass has the power to help us.

  • We ask our members to request a Mass said for the Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre at least once a year at their parish or elsewhere
  • Please let us know and we will post them in the online chapel: Our Room of Hope

Picture Captions:

2004 - Priest saying Mass for the Guild in Lincoln Nebraska Catholic hospital chapel