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  • Many people feel so alone when dealing with illness
  • Sometimes illness can bring a new question to life
  • Illness makes people ask the question "Why”?

Our Guild is here to help!

The late Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR reminds us: “Don’t Ask Why… ask What”

“Padre Pio use to say the worst question in the world was “WHY?”
The Christian’s question is “WHAT?”

What does God ask of me in this situation?
What can I learn from this sorrow?
What can I do to help others with similar sorrows?

Christ has much to teach us all by the cross, the Saints are those who were always willing to learn.

The message of St. Benedict Joseph Labre is whatever you are or whatever you have, give it to God with all of your heart.”

Fr. Benedict Joseph Groeschel, CFR

By becoming a member you are given the chance to really help someone by your prayerful presence.

And perhaps you will be helped yourself.

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