Directory of Ministries

Be A Voice for the Voiceless: We have close to 4000 members on our mailing list. Many of them do not have computers and cannot support the Guild.

Your donation will provide the help needed in order to reach them through our yearly newsletter. Donate now by clicking here.

“I am your Merciful Mother…”
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico 1531

“Mental Illness is represented by Jesus’ Crown of thorns”
Mother Teresa, M.C. of Calcutta, India

Become A Missionary For “MMOMI”

  • Become a member: Join us and enroll. You will share in the prayers from thousands of people. Click Here to join us.

  • Help us get the word out: We need to get our brochure in as many parishes, hospitals, retreat centers, etc. Please ask permission when placing them into these public places. Download our online brochure now (link to pdf) or request them. We will send brochures to anyone who requests them. Click here to request a brochure.

  • Request Masses to be said for the members Guild of St Benedict J Labre in your parishes and monasteries. Please be sure to inform us of the place date and time so that we can spiritually be present. Click here to go to our Room of Hope.

  • Start a MMOMI family support group: We are the “voice for the voiceless”. We come together to share, pray, advocate and offer hope. Click to go to our support group page.

  • Become a 40 Hour Adorer: We invite members to participate in doing 40 Hours of Eucharistic Adoration each year privately. This can be done outside of Mass. Click here to go to 40 Hours Adorers.

  • Become “PRAY-ER’S”: Father Groeschel’s words mean so much. We invite you to pray with us daily for each other.  We have our own prayers that we have printed. You can click and download them now inn our online chapel called: “Our Room of Hope”.

  • MMOMI: Click here to learn more