Directory of Ministries

Be A Voice for the Voiceless: We have close to 4000 members on our mailing list. Many of them do not have computers and cannot support the Guild.

Your donation will provide the help needed in order to reach them through our yearly newsletter. Donate now by clicking here.

Help us get the word out!- Become a missionary for MMOMI

We cannot simply be everywhere at once. We rely on you to help us!  

Spread the word

  • Tell A friend - You can either download our online brochure to hand out- or contact us and we will send you a small supply to hand out 
  • Leave in Church - Ask permission from your pastor to place brochures in your Church 
  • Place in Other Facilities - You can leave them other places like Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Conferences, etc., but please always ask for permission by the facility to so. 
  • Contact your local Religious Community - Bring brochures to your local Catholic religious monastery, convent or community. You can also write them a letter asking them to become our spiritual support.   If you do, please let us know so that we can follow up with them. 
  • Guild Brochure: Click here for our Guild Brochure

See our spiritual support page