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MMOMI Support Groups on Zoom- Coming Soon

Hello Again,

This week was a bechmark moment for us!  If you are a member, you should now have the 2022 Newsletter. I intentially placed our focus on supporting persons with mental illness.  Going forward, I will share and train others in offering our "Treatment of Love": A Spiritual Care ministry offered to those who suffer from the Illness of the human mind. 

Will you join me?

These unique groups offer spiritual support in a way that offers hope, healing and comfort.  The groups are organized as a sacred space to allow for prayer, sharing, education and spiritual advocacy.  Tim will offer reflections from the teachings of St. Pope John Paul II’s - Dolentum Hominum which is written as concern for pastoral care to the sick. And later, our reflections will be published through a bulletin called Under Her Mantle. -Click for sample

The Zoom Platform Model- A Monthly Model- Last Friday's of the month

You can join us from your home or parish through the internet.  On our MMOMI Page you can find the Zoom invite information which will allow you to connect with us. Tim will also send out a blog each month which will contain this same Zoom invite information for our online members.

What will the Groups Look Like

Each month at sign on, Tim will offer a short scripture reflection and pray the Chaplet of the Merciful Mother of the Mentally Ill. We will screen share live Eucharistic Adoration as well. Then, sharing time will be allowed to offer a chance for our hearts to become one. Tim will then present some type of education tool for the group to study for the month. We will close by suggesting how the group can become advocates for those who are in need of support. Time sensitve: Zoom's free service only allows 45 mins and 100 people at a time. So the meetings will be customized as we go to fit the best timeframe. For more information:                   Click here to be taken to our Support Group Page)

Click to send Tim an email to let him know you plan to attend


Our Values of Practice

  • We pray for our members and for those with mental illness
  • We reflect on the life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre and share his spirituality
  • We become educated around the Churches concern for those who suffer from mental illness
  • We come together to offer support to share a bond of solidarity
  • We are the voice for the voiceless We advocate for God’s “Little ones”
  • We educate ourselves and others about the “illness of the human mind.”


Timothy Duff, STM, MA Cert., ERD, BCC   Guardian/ Co-Founder



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