The Life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre

To date, there are no current books on the life of our patron. I hope to change that!

Every Wednesday (American Eastern Standard Time from 6pm to 7pm) my family and I adore our Lord in our local parish. This is when I will read each chapter and write my reflections. Perhaps you can join me now that we have live stream Adoration and we can be united in the hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Benedict Joseph Labre.

The following are my on reflections on “The Life of Benedict Joseph Labre” which was originally written by his confessor Father Giuseppe Marconi in Italian and then later translated in English by Father James Barnard in 1785. This book was one of the main instruments used for his canonization process to begin.

I will offer one chapter per week as a reflection. This will not start on a regular basis until February 2018. Let’s get started though:

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Fr. Marconi was entrusted by the Bishop of Boulogne and by the Vatican to write an accurate account of the life of St. Benedict Joseph Labre, because he was the confessor of St. Benedict Joseph Labre.

The priest begins the book with this prayerful beginning: “Almighty God, Who alone does wonderful things. Who raises up the needy from the dust, and lifts up the poor from the dunghill, that he may sit with princes, and hold the throne of Glory, has vouchsafed in our days to raise up a poor man, who was bron in France and known by the name of Benedict Joseph Labre, and in proportion to the obscurity of his life, has rendered him so much more illustrious after his death. And as we piously believe, has put him in possession of that blessed Kingdom promised to the poor in spirit, as a proof of which He exists Powers of His Right Hand and renews His Prodigees.”

Fr. Marconi references that: “all” of Italy has been surprised and astonished regarding the wonderful works Benedict Joseph Labre has brought to Rome, but also in “very distant places”, which were more and more manifest. These events became more prevalent than the virtuous humble life qualities of our saint.

According to Fr. Marconi, this was the main reason his superiors entrusted to him the writing of the book. Their intent was clear: To wipe out and dispel any sense of exaggerations and spiritual hysteria of un-truth about Benedict Joseph’s Life. Hence, this book attests to the authenticity and was used to pronounce St. Benedict Joseph’s holiness and his cause for Canonization.   

Fr. Marconi’s knowledge of St. Benedict Joseph was like none other at the time and his book was written out of a sense of both affinity and duty. Great tasks were taken by the author to obtain authentic documentation of accurate life accounts which were submitted to Rome for Benedict Joseph’s Cause.